Escape Unemployment, Build Career Insurance With a Brand Online

Build a Name For What You’re Good At.

Without building a name on LinkedIn as Web Developer & Designer and Content Writer. May be I could be somewhere completely unknown, possibly broke, unable even to tap opportunities from the blue app.

In the world we are, traditional jobs are at risk of automation.  Being replaced will be as simple as copy and paste. With millions of people graduating from college each year, how can you secure your job?

Answer: Build your own brand online, it will protect you from being cooked on the same pot of unemployment.

Experience on LinkedIn

My experience on LinkedIn made me learn a lot while in college and start helping others how they can benefit from it. See the article HERE

If you’re planning to be an entrepreneur or a businessman, I would advise you to have a website where you will sell your services.

Let the Social media platform be a tool for finding clients and directing them to your website, rather than 100% focusing on making posts go viral. That lifestyle is so stressful.

Do you want to build your personal brand on LinkedIn?

The core reason for building a strong personal brand is making money. But to make it, you need to be authentic enough to be recognized as an expert in your niche.

A strong brand is built by having personality and unique perspectives, NOT by trying to be like someone else. Be you. Share your experiences and opinions. Focus on your audience, mission, and goals.

After a while, you’re not going to be the same person as you are right now. I’m telling you because I’ve walked through that journey. If you are a beginner on LinkedIn check out my Swahili article at Tanzlite Digital.

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