How To Find a Mentor Who Can Change Your Career Path

How To Find a Mentor Who Can Change Your Career Path

Most young individuals often fail to grow and become successful in their careers simply because they lack someone who can guide them, share the DO’S and DON’TS, and provide insights into the potential outcomes of their current doing.

To understand the facts, kindly gather five young college students and ask them one by one, “Who is your mentor” and listen to what they say. You might be surprised to hear that some of them don’t even know what does the word mentor means. 

A mentor is an individual who has already successfully walked the journey you want to go through.

Me as Anthony Charles, without a mentor I could be somewhere completely unknown, unable even to write this piece.

“A mentor transfers their knowledge, studying and experiences to your mind and literary change the course of your life” – Bob Proctor.

Successful people have no problem with teaching you how to fish. Whether in business or tech. Here are ways to find your mentor. 

Ask Friends

The people you spend time with might have the answers to where you can get the right mentor for your career. You just have to ask them, “Who is the best successful person in this career?”,

Hello! Shaatmelau,

I’m currently seeking someone to guide me on how I can achieve 1, 2, 3. Do you know anyone who can be my mentor?”. Probably he will tell you. 

Then you have to research more deeply by looking at them on YouTube, Google, IG, X, and LinkedIn. Then, choose wisely who could be your choice.

It can be difficult for you to find the right mentor by asking your fellow if they don’t know well your career and goals. Ask people who can really help you meet the right mentor.

Follow-up and Stay Connected

Mentors aren’t meant only those whom you can physically come into contact with, but rather anyone who can inspire and provide you guidance regardless of the location. 

The quickest way to get the right direction from people who could be your mentor is to connect with them on social platforms be it on LinkedIn, YouTube, or X.  Here is the thing, people who are successful in their career have no problem with sharing how they achieved their success. 

They share DO’S and DON’TS that when you’re committed to following up and implementing them, you become the better role of yourself. If you’re consuming content you don’t implement you’re not learning anything. 

Good mentors don’t look like mentors, you will be inspired by their work

Warning. The Internet has many rude people who claim to be nice. As I said before, make sure you research first a person you want to be your mentor. Be cautious to people over the internet who are sharing googlable tips and say “DM me for more”.

Yeah, there are some of them who can help you as your mentor using this approach but in reality they do not.

Engage in their posts.

Shaatmelau asks in his post on LinkedIn, where can the fresh undergraduate find a mentor if all the potential “mentor” does is posting “motivational”, “sensational”, and “I’m excited to/thrilled that” content?.

The answer is simple you can not. Find someone who shares the burning point, problems, how things works and how to go about.

And the best way to have these kind of people as your mentor is to engage in their posts before you start DM’ing them. Be the first person to like, repost, or comment and try to support them on whatever they do that is how you’re allowing yourself to be noticed. 

By the time you send them a DM, you will be receiving quick responses because they already know who you are. Remember, these people receive a lot of messages in a day which they cannot afford to answer them all. 

Some of them have a lot of things to do, so putting yourself out there increases the chance of getting that person and being your mentor.

Schedule Meeting 

After having a good relationship, you can organize meetings that can be done online or physically depending on the location you two are in. 

But before you schedule any meeting, make sure you have read their work, books, and business so that you can not seem to be boring asking the same question they have answered a hundred times.  

It can also happen accidentally meeting with them at events or seminars. Once you’ve that chance be curious for at least ten minutes asking some relevant questions.

Seek for advice.

Never go the first time to mentors and ask for support such as promoting your work or asking for money. My Friend I don’t know if you will achieve that mentors aren’t like coaches. Ask for advice on how you can promote your work, how you can do it right, and how you can become more successful in your career.

Even Moses was listening guidance from God why not you? Have a good day.