The Truth About Becoming Who You Want To Be as a Young

The Truth About Becoming Who You Want To Be as a Young

Becoming who you want, starts by identifying what do you want to be known for? Which skills do you need to have? What are the goals you want to achieve? at what time?

Knowing who you want to be is crucial for personal growth and self-development though many young individuals often overlook the necessity of proper planning while their blood is still young. 

I asked this question to many students and the answers were almost the same “You know the future is unknown, I will do whatever comes in, tomorrow will care about itself”. Yes, The future is unknown, but relying on “tomorrow will care about itself” may lead to total failure.

The future is in your hands

Nobody holds your life, you’re the builder and destroyer of yourself.  In this era of confusion and frustrations its better you set up clear goals and prepare for opportunities you wish to delve into, so you can navigate the job market with confidence and achieve your desired outcomes.

Assume you want to be a graphic designer, dedicating yourself to it and letting it become a part of your identity wherever you go after two years of consistent dedication, you’ll find that your proficiency as a designer speaks for itself.

One of the biggest mistakes many youths make is not having a clear vision of who they wish to be. They often attribute the uncertainty of life as a reason for their lack of direction. Many come to understand the power of knowing their title early as the sun is approaching to its sunset.  

I argue that life is unpredictable, but that should not hinder you from calling the title you want for your future. Believing in yourself, discovering yourself, and actively working towards them, you become that person regardless of the challenges you may face even if is not, you will have something to begin with. 

Difficulties of the job market is not an option.

The job market can indeed be complex, but it is not an excuse to leave your future to chance. You must break free from the mindset of living day by day like chickens mindlessly pecking at the ground. Instead, you should adopt a proactive approach, and shape your own destiny.

It is said that luck happens when opportunity meets preparation. This rings true when it comes to planning for your next step. Preparing yourself through side hustle, tinkering, and learning new skills you become ready to tap opportunities in stressful job markets when they arise.

You become who you wish 

Ask yourself, “Who do I want to become?” Visualize the person you aspire to be, and then make more efforts to reach that destination. To get what you want requires commitment and passion whether you do or die fighting. 

Having multiple titles before you master the first one will not help. Today you’re a hacker, tomorrow you’re a DJ, and the day after tomorrow you’re BF SUMA agent. In this way you will end up saying things are too time is not enough and it will. 

Find mentors where necessary

The most important advice many youth should adhere to is finding mentors in their own field. Mentors will provide valuable insights and advice to help you navigate the job market and make informed decisions about your future. 

No matter how smart you are, mentors will help you become the true version of yourself.  It’s not necessary that a mentor must be the one who you meet face to face but anyone whom you’re inspired by. 

You’re what you eat.