Where Can I Find Ideas For What To Post On LinkedIn?

Where Can I Find Ideas For What To Post On LinkedIn?

If you’re struggling to come up with ideas for what to post on LinkedIn, you’re not alone. Many people find it challenging to get ideas on what to be consistently posting on the platform. 

But don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. In this article, I’ll share some tips and strategies to help you generate ideas and keep your LinkedIn feed active.

First of all, it’s important to define your goals on LinkedIn. Are you looking to grow your LinkedIn audience, promote your products, establish yourself as an industry expert, or connect with potential clients? Knowing your objectives will guide the type of content you should be posting.

Without wasting your time let’s take a look at the following resources. 

Draw from your daily experiences. 

The best ideas often come from your own life. Think about your achievements, failures, and challenges you’ve overcome. Extracting posts from these experiences will not only resonate with others but also position you as someone who understands their pain points. 

Sharing your experiences on LinkedIn may vary according to your goals. For those who are looking for clients make sure you share what problem you encountered, how you solved and how will you help your target audience overcome such a problem. 

But if you’re to grow your brand, you can share achievements from your jobs, studies, and daily normal life. 

Read books and articles.  

In books, articles, and other written documents, is where untaped ideas are. For example, the book Mbele ya Muda by Shukuru Amos written in Swahili helps you come up with great ideas based on building Brand Authority, recognition, confidence, and thought-provoking content. 

Learning from the success stories of industry leaders, and exploring different perspectives on relevant topics will give you the confidence to take a step ahead. Reading different books helps you connect the dots between the concepts in books and real-life experiences.

Do not read and share exactly what is written on books just show your opinion concerned to what you have read in connection with real life experience based on your area of expertise.

Find inspiration from others.

Engage with posts from other creators on platforms, Linkedin and Twitter. You might come across gaps in their content or have insights to add. It’s very important to provide credit and never copy and paste someone else’s work. Instead, use it as a starting point to develop your ideas.

You may sometimes get stuck on how to shape your content ready to publish on LinkedIn yeah, simple! find out three or two people who inspire you in the way they’re creating content. For example Shukuru Amos, Justin Welsh, Ndubuis Ekenkwe, and you name it. 


Taking notes.

Don’t let those brilliant ideas slip away. Carry a note-taking app or a physical diary wherever you go. Capture insights and observations that you can later turn into thought-provoking LinkedIn posts. This habit will not only help you generate content but also improve your mental clarity.

A note-taking app can be ColorNote, Google Keep etc that you can use without carrying any physical diary and pen.

Everyday conversations

Pay attention to the topics you discuss with friends and colleagues, not that serious!. These conversations you had daily can be a goldmine for ideas to post on LinkedIn especially when you’re talking with people above your level, someone with higher knowledge than you.

Be curious, listener and ask question where possible. But be cautious not to turn intimate stories into public posts that may compromise your brand authenticity.

These sources of inspiration will provide you with a constant stream of ideas to fuel your LinkedIn presence. Aim to post at least three times a week to maintain consistency and engage with your audience.

Quality content that adds value and sparks discussion is key.

Now, you have the tools to overcome the challenge of finding ideas to post on LinkedIn. Start creating and watch your brand flourish on this professional networking platform.