How You Can Build an Impressive LinkedIn Profile That Stands Out? Here are 5 Ways

How You Can Build an Impressive LinkedIn Profile That Stands Out? Here are 5 Ways

Standing out on LinkedIn can be very challenging, especially when you are a beginner. But guess what! Building a top-notch profile will help you let those challenges be a past story in your journey.

LinkedIn is a professional platform where you can share experience, opinions, and expertise with hundreds of people within an hour.

Sharing your thought-provoking ideas will make you stand out, expand your network, maximize profit, and connect with like-minded professionals who will help you achieve your goals.

When I started actively using LinkedIn, I thought posting motivational content would make me stand out. Later on, I came to realize it was not going to make me the person I am today.

Want to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out? Here are step by steps.

Whether you’re a Student, Graduate, Founder, or Employee who wants to break the ice and tap invaluable opportunities, these are what you need to implement.

1.Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn profile is where potential clients or recruiters decide whether to choose you or move on to the next person. Optimizing your own LinkedIn profile increases your chances of standing out, making you more interesting to others and potentially leading to valuable connections or job opportunities.

A Full professional LinkedIn profile must have the following optimized.

Background image: Utilize an attractive banner that highlights your expertise. Incorporate compelling text, quotes, and professional images that align with your personal brand. The recommended banner image size is 1584 x 396px. Use tools like Canva and Adobe Photoshop in designing.

Profile picture: LinkedIn differs from platforms like Facebook or Twitter. Upload a photo that is close to the camera, displaying your face clearly. The profile picture should be at leat 800 x 800px. Jane Deehan says your face should take up around 60% of the entire space.

Headline: This section reflects your authority and brand identity. Clearly state who you are and what you offer. Example; Graphic Designer | Adobe Photoshop Expert| Illustrator. I specialize in creating vibrant graphics that boost your brand Authority. You can use tools like Sharethrough to measure the quality, strength, impression, and receive suggestions for improving your headline.

Your headline enables recruiters and creators to find your name when searching for talents on the LinkedIn search bar.

About section: Highlight the pain points you’ve addressed for past clients and explain how you can help your next client solve their problems. Avoid generic buzzwords such as “passionate,” “hard worker,” or listing irrelevant details like where you studied.

It’s like going on a date saying I’m handsome, smart, passionate”. But there is a better way. 

Stevan Koncar.

2. Post at least three times a week.

When it comes to posting, keep in mind that the more you show up on the platform, the more people will notice your value and interact with you. Posting today and then two months later will cost you, as you risk being forgotten.

Optimizing your profile doesn’t guarantee that opportunities will come your way automatically. Instead, you need to actively participate by showing up every day and making your name memorable to your audience.

If you reach a point where people start mentioning your name both online and offline, know that you have done something right. That’s how the journey of standing out begins.

At times, you might struggle with what to post on LinkedIn while others finish their day with 2 or 3 posts. Yes, managing that level of consistency can be challenging, but it’s essential for maintaining your presence on the platform.

3. Showcase your Expertise.

Share content based on your experiences that resonates with your prospects. Be yourself; avoid copying and pasting others’ ideas (CTRL+C and CTRL+V). People want to hear your opinions and understand the unique value you can bring to them. If you’re sharing the same content as others, believe me, you will not stand out.

4. Like, Share, and Comment

Make an effort to interact with other creators in your niche to gain more exposure and establish new connections, fostering long-term relationships that may lead to client opportunities.

Make an effort to interact with other creators in your niche to gain more exposure and establish new connections, fostering long-term relationships that may lead to client opportunities.

You can attract attention to your profile by leaving thoughtful and meaningful comments on others’ posts. Other people have gone far promoting their business in the comment section of someone’s post just to get visibility.

Engagement on other creators posts increase your visibility, and people will also start paying attention to your post. Remember, people will not continue engaging in your posts if you’re not showing love to their posts. Birds of the same feathers always flock together.

5. Personalize Connection.

Send personalized connection requests as much as possible to individuals in the same industry. Utilize the LinkedIn invitation feature—”invite” “invite” “invite” until you hit the limit. Follow people who inspire you and choose three or four of them to act as your role models.

Draw inspiration or messaging vibes from them and find ways to communicate with your target audience. As mentioned earlier, avoid copying and pasting; instead, share your thoughts.


Your LinkedIn profile is like a CV where employers and clients get to know you better and decide whether to call you for an interview or move on to the next person.

In building a strong profile, ensure that your profile answers these questions:ur profile;

This is how you build a profile that stands out. See you next time!.